Apps for iPads and Android tablets are being used in therapy by Speech Therapists more and more these days. The great thing about them is that they can be used by parents for carryover at home. What child would turn away “homework” in the form of time spent playing a “game” on mom’s I-pad? Below is a list of Apps available, broken down by the areas of speech and language that they work on. Unless otherwise specified there is a cost for the app listed and also unless otherwise specified the app is available through your app store. These apps do not replace skilled speech therapy, however, are unique in their ability to help kids work on goals at home!

Click here for ASHA’s stance on the use of apps in therapy

NOTE: The majority of the Apps from SuperDuper Inc are more Speech Therapist based and are commonly used more in therapy vs. by parents at home.

In addition to these apps listed, there is a great website that sells additional speech therapy apps and they are categorized by the areas they work on at

Early Language/ Vocabulary Building

  • Let’s Name Things (FREE)
  • Actions (FREE) –
  • Nouns –
  • Zoo (FREE) –
  • Verbally


  • Articulation Station
  • ArtikPix
  • The Entire World of R Flipbooks

Autism/Social Language

  • ABA Emotions (FREE)
  • Practicing Pragmatics

Receptive Language (all via

  • More fun with directions
  • What are they asking?
  • fact or opinion
  • yes or no?
  • how?
  • wh? at home
  • if….then
  • following directions
  • understanding inferences

Expressive Language (all via

  • what would you do at home if
  • Using I and Me (FREE)
  • compare and contrast
  • Do and does
  • was and were
  • has and have
  • opposites
  • homophones
  • regular past tense verbs
  • plurals
  • irregular verbs
  • what would you do at school if….
  • wh? at home
  • name that category
  • wh questions at school
  • all about you all about me
  • story starters
  • what are they thinking?


  • Buddy Bear: Reasoning and Problem Solving

Multiple areas:

  • iEarned that (FREE)
  • Speech with Milo (interactive storybook) –

Speech Therapist Helpers:

  • Age Calculator-(FREE)
  • Data