• Child has limited words to express more than immediate needs=limited vocabulary
  • Has unusual tone of voice (raspy or nasal/sounds like they always have a stuffy nose)
  • Does not follow simple two step directions involving familiar objects (ie. Get the ball and put it on the table)
  • Does not put two words together (ex. hi dada, bye mama, mama go, etc) by 26 months
  • Does not sit to look at high interest books for at least a few minutes at a time
  • Does not point to many pictures of familiar objects in a book as you name them
  • Is not understood by adults and peers at least ½ the time (50%)
  • Does not appear to be having an explosion of new words that they are using spontaneously
  • Does not name at least 3 body parts by 30 months 
  • Does not use pretend play regularly by 30 months
  • Does not consistently use at least 2 word combinations by 30 months
  • Persistent drooling or very unclear speech by 32 months 
  • Uses imitated words more than spontaneously using words to communicate needs
  • Consistently echoes your questions vs. answering them
  • Is not understood by anyone in the family by 30 months
  • Does not show interest in communicating with others 
  • Has difficulty singing fragments of nursery rhymes by 32 months 
  • Does not ask simple questions by 36 months 
  • Does not articulate initial consonants of words by 36 months (ex. says “all” instead of “ball”) 
  • Does not name most common household objects by 36 months
  • Can not understand two part commands and prepositions (“get the cup and put it on the table, get the ball that’s under the couch”, etc)

This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.




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