• Frequent falling or difficulty climbing stairs 
  • Does not build a tower of more than 4 blocks 
  • Does not manipulate small objects well
  • Does not copy a circle by 36 months/3 yrs
  • Does not easily separate from primary caregiver 
  • Does not answer simple questions such as “who is that?, what do you want?, what is your dolls name?, where is your red truck?” by 36 months/3 yrs
  • Does not use 3-4 word sentences by 3 ½ yrs 
  • Does not accurately answer yes/no questions 
  • Has limited interest in toys 
  • Is not understood at least 75% of the time by adults and peers by 3 years 
  • Does not show interest in playing with other children
  • Has poor eye contact 
  • Does not use “me” or “you” appropriately by 4 yrs
  • Does not consistently use final consonants on words by 3 ½ yrs (ex. says “ca” for “cat”)
  • Is not understood most of the time by 4 yrs
  • Does not respond to people outside their immediate family
  • Does not engage in fantasy play by 4 yrs
  • Does not demonstrate any self-control when angry or upset instead lashes out 
  • Has difficulty scribbling
  • Does not have the ability to jump in place or ride a tricycle
  • Uses gestures or phrases instead of complete sentences by 3 ½ yrs
  • Has difficulty recalling names of common objects and overuses “it, that or thing” 
  • Does not have consistent understanding of basic language such as “in/out, under/over, before/after”, etc
  • Can not give first and last name 
  • Does not use plurals or past tense (still makes mistakes with irregular past tense)

This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.




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