We often give speech sounds easy names and pair them with a visual cue to increase a childs ability to remember them and to just make working on articulation a little more fun!  The following list is a compilation from a few different resources.  The names tend to correspond to the way we produce the sound or something that we relate to the sound.  It is perfectly fine to come up with your own name, however, it is important to be consistent with the name you use so the child does not get confused.  


yummy sound, blender sound, nose sound


nose sound, the engine sound


Swallow sound, nose sound


noisy lip popper, bunny sound


quiet lip popper, popcorn sound


throaty sound, back sound, coughing sound, stomping dinosaur sound


throaty sound, back sound, baby sound, frog sound


tongue tapper, quiet tip tapper, tick tock sound, ticking sound


noisy tip tapper, the raindrop sound


chipmunk sound, hose sound, biting lip sound, lip cooler


vacuum sound, biting lip sound, lip cooler


yelling sound, giant steps sounds


singing sound, lightning bug sound, tongue lifter


growly sound


windy sound, blowing sound, fish sound


panting dog, panting sound, hot sound


snake sound


buzz sound, bee sound, sawing sound


quiet sound, running water sound 


noisy sound, piggy bank sound


jumping sound


drilling sound


tongue sandwich, sandwich sound, tongue cooler 

all blends / sk, st, br, pl, etc/

buddies, sound buddies, brother sounds, sister sounds

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LindaMood Bell Phoneme Sequencing Program Manual




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