1st Blogiversary

I am so excited to be celebrating my first ever Blogiversary.  And to make it even more celebratory it happens to be Better Speech and Hearing Month.  There are some amazing things heading your way for the remainder of the month including introducing a brand new Speech Therapy website that will be launching soon that all you speechies out there do not want to miss… Read More »

Easter Eggscellent Irregular Verbs

Wow.  Easter is right around the corner!  I love Easter, mostly because it means that spring is here and summer is right around the corner!  We can finally say GOODBYE to the cold and get ready for sandal weather!!  WOOT WOOT!!  Seeing all the Easter decorations popping up, has inspired a new speech therapy activity and I found some super cute Easter clip art to… Read More »

Freebie-Licious Friday Roundup

This week for “Freebie-licious Friday Roundup” we are sharing some great free resources from www.speechtivities.com Freebie Pinterest board!  You can find 21 freebies on this board at this time.  Be sure to follow this board so you don’t miss out on new freebies added to it.  No matter if you are looking for materials on articulation, language, pacing, office/organizational documents, grammar, AAC, or storytelling, there is something… Read More »

Taming The (Private) Insurance Beast

Both clinicians and parents alike know how frustrating dealing with insurance can be.  “Referral needed, medically necessary, prior authorization, limited visits, DENIED, appeal processes”, etc.  It’s enough to drive anyone batty!  Having had extensive experience with the ins and outs of insurance working in private practice, I thought it would be helpful to share my knowledge with you all.  In addition to gaining some invaluable… Read More »

Pacing Boards

I am going to share with you the most prized possession in my speech therapy room and no, it isn’t expensive.  Believe it or not it only takes two materials and just minutes to make.  What is this wonder I speak of…..It’s nothing other than a PACING BOARD.  I lovingly refer to it as “my precious”.  I discovered the idea of a pacing board in… Read More »

Apraxia Awareness Day

What better way to kick off the introduction of our NW Speech Therapy blog then to talk about Apraxia.  Tomorrow is after all the first ever Apraxia Awareness Day and we do see a good number of kids come through NW Speech Therapy with a diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech.  For those of you who do not know what Apraxia is, here is the definition… Read More »

Why Sign With Your Child?

By Lisa Hopen, CEO of Baby Steps Video Imagine waking from a sound sleep. Walking into your child’s room as she stands in her crib crying. Is she hungry? Wet? In pain? You quickly evaluate her needs to no avail. She is unable to express her concerns to you. You feel helpless. Now imagine for a moment as you walk through the door and sweep… Read More »

Hearing Assessments in Toddlers and Preschoolers

It is not uncommon for your child’s pediatrician, speech therapist or other health care provider to recommend an Audiology evaluation for your child if there are concerns about your child’s language development. Newborn Hearing screens were implemented in order to identify significant hearing losses at birth and have been known to identify a large percentage of children with congenital (occurring from birth) hearing problems. It… Read More »

Reading our way to a Brighter Future

Let’s face it, reading is IMPORTANT… could you go an hour without needing to read something (an e-mail, a medication bottle, a recipe, a text message, a bill, etc)? We read constantly throughout the day and the literacy skills that we have as adults began in our childhood. As parents, we must instill an importance in reading in our children from as early of an… Read More »




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