Many medical professionals in the Vancouver/Camas, WA areas call on NW Speech Therapy to provide their patients/clients with the highest quality of speech therapy services. If you are interested in utilizing any of our specialized services for your patients, please fill out the following form and fax to 360-938-0044. If you have any questions, please call Jennifer Getch at 360-747-7144 or email at

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NW Speech Therapy would like to help bridge the gap between speech pathologists and the medical professionals. We offer free inservices on various Speech/Language topics and its relationship/involvement with the medical profession. Consider NW Speech Therapy your personal liason to all your speech therapy needs.

Inservices include:

  • How to identify red flags and the need for speech therapy intervention
  • Velopharyngeal port dysfunction: When does Speech therapy need to be involved
  • Speech Intelligibility: what are the norms and when is it a good time to refer for speech therapy
  • Differentiating speech delay vs speech disorder
  • Benefits of speech/language screenings

In addition to these topics, inservices can be individualized based on your clinics needs. If there are questions/concerns that come up regularly from your clinic staff that are related to speech/language and overall therapy care, we are available to answer those as well. Give us a call at 360-747-7144 to schedule an inservice today!




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