Do you accept insurance?
We currently accept Regence, PacificSource (Voyager and Navigator), First Choice Health, Premera BCBS, Anthem BCBS, Lifewise of Washington and some Bridgespan plans as “in-network” providers.  If you have received an authorization for your child to be seen by our clinic through Kaiser then we are able to bill to them in-network as well.  We offer discounted rates for private pay and are able to file for your insurance reimbursement as “out-of-network” for other insurances such as Providence, Aetna and Cigna.  WE ARE NOTE PROVIDERS FOR STATE FUNDED INSURANCE.  If your state insurance is through Kaiser Permanente and is ASSIGNED to them then we are able to take your insurance as they will bill to state for us.  Please inform our front desk staff.
How Do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

It can be difficult to decide if your child needs speech therapy. There is a wide range of what is considered “normal”. Although difficult to do, it is very important to refrain from comparing your child to other children his/her age, there may be other children that talk better than your child, however, maybe they are not as physically coordinated. All kids develop differently and excel in different areas. The best way to identify if your child is having difficulty that should be evaluated by a specialist is to determine if your child is showing any “red flags” for developing speech and language appropriately. Click here for a list of “red flags”. Red flags give us the age by which a child SHOULD have developed a particular skill. Please remember that this checklist is only a resource to guide you when deciding if your child needs to seek a specialist. Always listen to that “motherly instinct”. If you are concerned about your child, seek the advise of a speech pathologist.

Is there any paperwork that I should fill out prior to an evaluation?

Yes. Please follow this link or click on the New Patient tab in the menu bar. Here you will find the paperwork that needs to be filled out prior to your child’s evaluation. It includes a case history form that gives us the background information pertinent to speech/language development. If your child uses 50 words or less, there is also a form to fill out that identifies what words your child uses and understands. If your child is using MORE than 50 words this form it is NOT needed. Filling this paperwork out prior to the evaluation saves time and is greatly appreciated.

What ages of patients do you see?

We provide pediatric services only for children birth to adolescents (usually between 13-15 years old).

What are Developmental Checkups?

A service unique to NW Speech Therapy is Developmental Check-ups. Developmental Check-ups are personalized parent education classes geared towards development of speech, language and play in otherwise typically developing children. These individualized classes allow parents to know their child’s level of development and what areas to target next. Specific ideas and games (when applicable) are given for target areas. Areas include:

  • Building play skills
  • Building imitation and vocabulary skills
  • Building Language through book exploration
  • Facilitating Language through the use of sign
  • Developing use of questions
  • Developing grammar skills

These classes are designed for parents that want to discover ways to enhance language skills at home for children that otherwise DO NOT qualify for speech therapy services. Our goal is to help parents find the teacher within and aid them in becoming effective language facilitators.

What is Mobile speech therapy?

For NW Speech Therapy, mobile services includes seeing your child in your home, his/her daycare, or private school (as allowed).

What should I expect when my child has an evaluation?

An evaluation allows a speech pathologist the opportunity to assess your child’s development. This is done through testing. Testing can include a standardized test, observation through play, history information or parent report. In most cases, it includes all four or any combination thereof. Through the evaluation, it will be determined if treatment is necessary. Treatment cannot be initiated unless an evaluation has been completed. Referrals to other professionals may be made if during the evaluation it is found that your child is having difficulties in areas that are outside the realm of practice for a speech pathologist. This may include audiology, ENT, Occupational therapist, Physical Therapist, or orthodontist, etc.




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